Friday, October 21, 2005

Last night I attended a cocktail reception put on by the Canadian High Commisioner here in Mozambique. It gave me the opportunity to swirl wine and munch on hors d'oerves while bouncing from one small talk converstation to the next with all the other Canadians living here in Maputo. I was able to meet a few other CIDA interns working for CUSO as well as some nursing students doing their overseas practicums up in the Inhambane province. After we had dragged the two hour reception out into a three hour affair we decided to head to Gil Vicente, a very cool old jazz club down town. The group playing that night was fantastic and as soon as 10 PM rolled along the place was packed with folks of all walks of life with a heart for music. There was an incredible electrical storm last night and about an hour into the set all the power went out in down town Maputo. The band didn't skip a beat however and just turned the night into a massive drum jam. It is absolutely phenomenal to hear and feel the force of African drummers who really know what they're doing. As the staff proceeded to illuminate the entire club with candles, the crowd became more and more drawn into the rhythm and the atmosphere of the moment. All the dancing the shouting created an energy inside that reflected the electricity shooting through the evening sky. This is human existence in its purest form: moving freely with the rhythm of the soul. I felt like I was back on Pope's Hill at Folk Fest, except these guys REALLY knew how to play!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger jfunk said...

Jared I can't believe you found campfire night in Africa. That's so wonderful. I thought I would finally leave you a comment so you would know that I've been reading you're blog all along. Such a neat thing to be surraonded by good people in another place and time. I hope you continue to have interesting adventures and remember to gather some sticks to bring home to our little campfire back at the Times.

10:42 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you say wine?

Hey man. Darren here. I heard you had a blog site so I searched your name. Bam! There it was!

Best of luck with your research and the incredible experiences that will come with it.

Look forward to seeing you again when you're back. Make sure you have a massive beard to boot!

Take care.

Darren "Rod and Johnathon made me say Five Loads" Ford

Winnipeg, MB

9:55 p.m.  

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