Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Morning After

So this morning I woke up to the news that I had already been anticipating for weeks: That Stephen Harper was the new Prime Minister of Canada and the Conservatives were back in power for the first time in 13 years. Now I know that many out there are shuddering at the thought of the Harper Conservatives calling the shots in Canada but I think we can all admit that it was high time the scandal plagued Liberals were finally put out of their misery. It really was pathetic to see Martin and rest of his Liberal co-horts over the past few months, who had become WAY to comfortable in their governing seats in the House of Commons, desperately cling to power in survival mode while dodging one more scandalous accusation after another. It would have been great to see Paul Martin on the other side of the floor as the Leader of the Opposition but of course the guy couldn't stomach that humiliation and quickly stepped down as Liberal leader minutes after his concession speach.

Even though the conservatives did not come close to garnering my support this election, I wish Harper all the best as he assumes the leadership role of a country is a political mess right now. As Canadians I honestly don't believe that the man is going to sell us to the United States of George Bush, I don't beleive that he's going to revoke a woman's right to choose, I don't beleive that Adam and Steve need to worry that they will no longer be able to get married this year, I don't beleive that he'll put weapons in space and I don't beleive that he'll ship Canadian boys and girls off to Iraq with guns in their hands and freedom in their pockets. I can confidently say this because the conservatives will only form a minority government, openning up opportunties for the NDP to hold the balance of power and bring more socially, economically and environmentally progressive ideas to the table. If it had been a Conservative majority then I would have woke up with a headache ten times worse than the one I had on Jan. 1st this past year.

Now despite the fact that I believe our country is spared from this frightening prospect of an "ultra right-wing hidden agenda," I think the other parties will have to keep a firm check on the Harper Conservatives and this is where things could become fractious and turbulent. I think Harper will have to do some pretty skillful political diplomacy if he is expecting to hold together a coalition government in the significantly divided polity that is the Canadian political scene right now. I wish you luck PM Harper, but for some reason I see your political dream crashing down sooner than later and us Canadians reluctantly going back to the polls in less than two years. These minority governments in our country, while exciting, certainly don't have a very long shelf life.

I would love to know what you other Canadians though about the election. Where do you think ol PM Harper will lead our country? Should we be panicking this morning after? How long can this conservative minority government last? Any other thoughts?


Blogger J-WAB said...

As far as the NDP holding the balance of power, you may want to check that math again. Harper's probably got two years since all the parties are broke, and he'll hopefully be smart enough to see this (very) limited minority as a chance to show Canada that there is no "Scary Evil Hidden Agenda" that will have him locking up minorities and killing puppies. Change is good, and I think Canada will be better for it.

9:19 a.m.  
Anonymous Neville said...

Yeah it's time for change, and the "times, they are a changin" but it's to bad it had to be the Nazi's...... I mean ......no, that's what I mean. I think having an ultra right wing leader is the last thing Canada needs EVER. They don't care about the arts, or immigration (which Canada needs). They love to privitize things (which is always fun), and give tax breaks to there rich buddies. Now most of the things that Jared said he won't do, I think he'll want to do, and even if he can't do them, why would we want a person that would think this is what Canada is all about, Another U.S where we can protect our freedom at all costs, and get rid of the gays, cause they're terrorists too,(and they make us uncomfortable).

2:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Tyler said...

I find it absolutely fascinating that so many people have fallen prey to the "hidden agenda" scare tactic used by the Liberals and NDP. Now I don't blame Canadians for being scared of having a Bush style government in Canada. However, I think that it is extremely important that Canadians realize the difference between American and Canadian style conservatism.

Frankly, I am embarrassed that the word conservative is used to describe both the Harper and Bush administrations. Now you may disagree with me, as most people do, but I don't think that Bush is right wing. My case? The right wing is for open capital markets - Bush has allowed more protectionist measures than the democrats did. He has expanded the government, taken away civil rights, and become totally fiscally irresponsible, traits that are normally used to describe the left.

Leave the ideology out of the discussion. Beliefs on war and religion span the political spectrums, lest we forget communism.

Now the Liberals are thieves and the Bloc are trying to break up the country. If you vote for either, I'd say you hate Canada.

As for the Conservative and the NDP, I think that they have the same goal in mind, a better Canada. Their views differ in many ways, but their true difference comes in how to accomplish the end goal. The NDP believes that establishing a social net made of Kevlar. This is accomplished by raising the taxes to the "rich" and lowering them for the "poor". The problem with the NDP is that they still haven’t figured out how to pay for it. The Conservatives believe that by lowering taxes across the board, the economy will be stimulated to the point that unemployment will be reduced, and the need for the social net will decrease. With fiscal responsibility the social net can be preserved.

Harper a nazi? I guess Layton is Kim Jong Il.

8:58 p.m.  

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