Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So here it is folks....I just set up my blog which will serve for the next seven months or so as my primary venue to post my thoughts, vent my frustrations and report all the crazy stuff that happens to me while I'm in Mozambique. I just got back from our fun filled and action plan packed orientation in Waterloo and now I'm getting pretty primed to finally get over there and start working on this project. For all of you that do not know all the details, I will be working as for the Mennonite Economic Devevelopment Agency as a research associate intern. My assignment is to look at the relationship between HIV/AIDS and microfinance initiatives in Mozambique and see how Microfinance banks can help mitigate the devastating impacts of HIV/AIDS on the population. I know that this experience will change my life in many ways and I am eagerly awaiting this opportunity to live overseas again, push myself beyond my comfort zone and apply my university training to a worthwhile cause. So I promise to keep everyone posted in regards to my preparation and departure and of course all of my endeavors in Maputo (which I am told is the most beautiful capital city in all of Africa!! Breathtaking beaches, savoury food, lively culture and a happening nightlife...will I ever get any work done!?!?!?!). I'm also completely new to this whole world of blogging so while I may not have the flashiest site out there I promise to make up for my technological deficiency with thrilling posts that will keep you at the edge of your seat, clamouring for more (or something like that). I would also deeply appreciate any and all of your comments while I'm over there to help me stay connected to all of my friends, family and colleagues both in Canada and throughout the world . So I have just over a month until I leave and much that I need to do before then so I should jet. Cheers everyone and thanks for taking an interest in this site!!