Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hey everyone! Some of the comments I got on the blog last week were great, especially after the election. I have to say though, for some real insightful (and often hilarious) commentary on the state of Canadian politics, sports and entertainment in the world, I would suggest you check out my good friend Jarret Boon's blog here. Jarret was one of my classmates at Carleton and is perhaps single handedly responsible for me not drowning in the Rideau Canal back in the summer of '04. Our "baseball" pilgrimage to Boston that year was a dream I'll never forget. Keep fighting the good fight out there in Ottawa brother!


Blogger J-WAB said...

If this post is just some way of you trying to get a cheap plug for your blog on mine, then it SO worked. Thanks for the kind words and remember that you're the one fighting the real fight. I just make fun of the crazies in Ottawa as a way to avoid doing my actual job.

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